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Stress Free Wedding Hair! (Here's one I posted a while back, but it's been revised and updated!)

Tips From the Salon,  by Dawn Shannon

- Stress Free Wedding Hair & Up-dos to for any occasion- 

Having done "Wedding Hair" throughout my entire 22 year professional career, I have found a few key "tips" that will make anyone's Special Day a bit more stress free with regards to getting their hair just right!

1.  If receiving an up-do, don't wait to arrive at the salon, but wash your hair the night before.   Fresh, clean hair is actually harder to keep up and your up-do won't turn out as well if freshly washed. 

2. If your hair tends to get a bit oily, there is a product from Kevin Murphy which can be used called "Fresh Hair." It will literally "refresh" your hair and absorb excess oils without drying out your hair.  More recently, there are some great new styling powders you can use to help with oiliness and give you volume as well. My favorites are by Sudzz and Kevin Murphy, two of the organic product lines my salons carry. 

3. Before getting your up-do, refrain from adding any smoothing products, straighteners or flat ironing, as this makes it harder to style the hair.  In fact, don't put any products in your hair at all - your stylist will take care of all that for you!

4. If you are not getting an up-do but are receiving a shampoo/blow dry,  also do not wash hair that day as your stylist will want to use the precise shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated for fabulous looking "blow dry" hair styles.

5. Wear a button up shirt when you come to the Salon!  This is so you don't mess up hair and makeup while changing into and out of your smock.

6. It is always a good idea to organize with family and attendants exactly who will be paying for which Salon and Spa services before you arrive.   This helps eliminate any uncomfortable feelings about payment when it's time to leave the Salon and head over to the Wedding.   Decide before you arrive if the bride, her family or each individual in attendance will be paying for their own services.

7.  Put together some pictures from magazines or websites of hair styles you really like so you can more easily communicate with your stylist exactly what look you are going for.  If you see a picture and like something about it - even if only one part of the look, not the whole thing - bring that picture and point out the part(s) you like about it.

8.  I always recommended that Brides have a trial hair day, a week or two in advance, so you and your stylist can really get totally on the same page without the added stress of not enough time.  Try a few different things in a relaxed, non-rushed atmosphere and really nail down exactly what you are going to do with your hair for the wedding ... leaving you a bit more stress-free on your big day!

These are the key elements for having a more stress-free experience at your Salon on your Big Day!

Celebrity Hair Stylist Dawn Shannon is owner of Intuition Salon and Spa, which specializes in Natural and Organic Products and Services. 

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  1. These are some fabulous tips...I wish I would have known this for my big day!